We develop and realize national and international architectural projects. Our work is focused on cost management, tender preparation and management as well as construction supervision.

Because of our longstanding experience in managing international projects we are a reliable partner for our clients in times of progressive globalization.


2009 – 2015

Large building project in Algiers

At present, a large project is built in the centre of the Algerian capital, consisting of eleven edifices and an urban dimension of about 400.000 m² gross floor area. On the site there will be built a library, a school, a cultural centre and a sacral building as well as an underground car park and further functional buildings. Within the scope of this project the following services have been provided up to now: cost calculation, tender preparation and management, contract management, quality control, scheduling control, auditing as well as claim management.

Project manager for Höhler + Partner (as freelancer)


Metropolis Haus Hamburg

Cost Calculation, Preparation of and assisting with the tender process

For Höhler + Partner (as freelancer)


Ericusspitze Hamburg

Cost Calculation

For Höhler + Partner (as freelancer)


PPP Geomatikum Hamburg

Concept and Developed Design

For Höhler + Partner (as freelancer)


Großer Burstah 45 Hamburg

Project development, Cost calculation, Preparation of and assisting with the tender process, Construction supervision

For Höhler + Partner (as freelancer)


Reconstruction Geomatikum Hamburg

Concept-, developed-, approval- and execution design, Preparation of and assisting with the tender process

For Höhler + Partner (as freelancer)


Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Cost calculation, Preparation of and assisting with the tender process

For Höhler + Partner (as freelancer)


Brahms Kontor Hamburg

Execution design

For KKPW (as freelancer)


Quartier 110 Berlin

Developed design, Execution design

For DienerDiener (as freelancer)


We provide all classical architectural services. Our work focuses on cost management, preparation of and assisting with the tender process and construction supervision.

Our working method is structured, result-oriented and always transparent. Obviously the cooperation with our clients is based on partnership.

Cost estimation (concept design); Cost calculation (developed design); Updating cost calculation in context of cost management; Explaining cost evolution

Provisional time planning in early project stages for structuring all project stages; Detailed schedule of different project stages (bar charts), e.g. schedule for design stages, tender process, construction phase schedule

Creation of a tender time schedule; Creation of service descriptions according to the tender process (general contractor, separated lots, ventured companies) and according to the design stage (concept, developed, technical Design) provided for the tender process; Determination and compilation of quantities based on the design stage (concept, developed, technical design) provided using the contributions made by other specialists involved; Adapting and coordinating the interfaces to the Service descriptions of the other specialists involved; Determination of costs based on the service descriptions priced by the planner; Cost control by comparing the service descriptions priced by the planner with the cost calculation; Compilation of tender documents for all service areas (lots)

Coordinating the tenders of the professional planner (e.g. specialists, engineers); Obtainment of offers; Inspecting and evaluating of offers, including preparation of the price comparison list by individual positions; Inspecting and evaluating of offers for additional or changed services of the executing companies and the adequacy of the price; Performance of bidder discussions; Creation of tender proposals; Documentation of tender process; Compilation of contract documents for all service areas (lots)

Monitoring of the project execution for compliance with the approval or consent, the contracts with the execution companies, the execution documents, the relevant guidelines and the generally recognized engineering practice; Monitoring the execution of the building structure; Coordinating with the other specialists involved with project monitoring; Preparation, updating and monitoring of time schedule (bar chart); Documentation of the construction process (e.g. construction diary); Mutual site measuring with the executing companies; Auditing, including the examination of site inspections conducted by executing companies; Comparison of the audit results with the order totals including additions; Cost control by examining the service accounts of the execution companies in comparison to the contract prices; Cost determination, e.g. in accordance with DIN 276; Organization of the Acceptance of construction services in cooperation with other specialists involved; Detection of faults or shortcomings; Acceptance recommendation for the client; Applications for official acceptances/inspections and participation in these; Systematic compilation of the documents, the graphic representations and computational results of the project; Handover of the project; Listing of the limitation periods for warranty claims; Monitoring the rectification of faults or shortcomings detected during the acceptance of the services


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